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Welcome to LABO-RATORY, a company specialized in producing essences and fragrances that offers you a unique experience through the power of scents! Our exquisite and elegant air fresheners allow you to recall significant memories in your life through the sense of smell.

Reed Diffusers

Palo Santo

The meditation with this fragrance composed of citrus, woody, and vanilla aromas transports you to moments of purification and cleansing of bad energies

Luxe Linon

The relaxing and intoxicating aroma of lime tea leaves with notes of roses, violets, and tonka seeds evokes moments of peace

American Fir

The oldest recommendation for releasing tension is heat and massages, accompanied by a fresh atmosphere with aromas of frozen pineapple, pine branches, juniper, and hints of vetiver

Light one. Transform all.

Candles that evoke emotions

Our goal is to offer you an exclusive selection of fragrances that awaken your senses and transform your spaces into special environments. We invite you to explore our wide range of reed diffusers and discover the magic of LABO-RATORY


Transform your spaces into true aromatic oases with our reed diffusers

At LABO-RATORY, you will find a place of inner calm where you can prepare to start anew with our unique fragrances. We stand behind the quality and confidence in every product we offer

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Whether you’re curious about our fragrances or would like a sample, we’re here to answer any questions

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